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The Home Secretary was right in her conference speech to point to the potential pressures on social cohesion.’In 1991 it stood at just under one million – 950,000 – representing only 1.9 per cent of the total.At the time of the next Census a decade later, there were 1,546,626 Muslims in the country – three per cent of the total.Yet Israel is singled out, again and again, for condemnation.The European Union, self-appointed human rights watchdog, is at the forefront of the attacks. Why is Europe turning a blind eye to the deadly legacy of violence, chaos and backwardness left by the Islamic occupation of the Middle East and North Africa?IN A world beset by terrorism and humanitarian disasters, the international community remains fixated on the State of Israel.The one and only state of the Jewish people, back in their historical homeland, is a beacon of democracy in the Muslim-Arab sphere devoid of human rights, left behind by social and economic progress and subject to frequent bouts of bloody unrest.A number of Central European countries and the Balkan States were under Ottoman Islamic rule for 350 years, until the middle of the 19th century.It’s always useful to go back to history and hard facts to remind ourselves how and why Islam has prevailed while all other old empires disappeared, and what the resulting disastrous consequences are to the world at present.

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Spain would need another eight centuries to achieve its Reconquista and regain full sovereignty over all its territory.

Education watchdog Ofsted has warned that schools could be branded failing if veil-wearing by students or teachers is deemed a ‘barrier to learning’ and yesterday Britain’s most senior judge, Lord Neuberger, said there were ‘serious difficulties’ with witnesses giving evidence in criminal trials with covered faces.

David Cameron has called on Muslim women to help the fight against extremism by learning English, while Theresa May is setting up an independent review of Islamic courts amid fears that the Sharia code discriminates against women.

Trouble has flared at public rallies held by nationalist groups against Islam.

Last night, Lord Green of Deddington, the former diplomat who chairs Migration Watch UK, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘This is clear evidence of the way in which mass immigration is rapidly changing the nature of our society.