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Writers of all ages and backgrounds are invited to bring a story idea or two or three or an actual story to work on, as well as photos and mementoes that in turn, can be gifted to others. Information: Denise Chávez at Casa Camino Real, (575) 523-3988 or [email protected] Instead, it’s all about the personalities of coaches and players, and the various choices they make.Barnes and Noble Saturday storytimes — El Paso’s East Side and West Side, and the Las Cruces Mesilla Valley Mall locations all offer Saturday storytimes. Among the stories told: • An Afghan teen-ager and his friend befriend a young member of the Taliban. He’s passed over when his boss retires, and barely hangs on to his current job with the new head coach, an alcoholic tyrant. Pytel is a long-time assistant coach desperate for an opportunity for a head coaching position.Tumblewords Project — The writing workshops are a.m. Saturdays at the Memorial Park Public Library meeting room, 3200 Copper. Information: 328-5484 (Donna Snyder), 566-1034 (library), [email protected] on Facebook. Information: (575) 541-2217, [email protected] Victorian Sci-Fi Book and Tea Club — The book club devoted to Victorian era science fiction meets at 2 p.m. 16, at Magoffin Home State Historic Site, 1120 Magoffin, to discuss “The Book of Dreams and Ghosts” by Andrew Lang. El Paso Writers’ League — The league meets 2 to 4 p.m. Information: [email protected] on Facebook at El Paso Writers League. “Warzone” covers a wide range of violent environments, some are what we all might recognize as war zones, including civil war, and others are violent due to oppressive regimes and anarchy.

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• A 16-year-old Dutch girl struggles to survive hunger and cold during the final months of World War II. Assistant coach Steve Pytel is the dominant figure, but characters such as head coach Jack Hood; assistant coaches Tyrone Gage and Ernie Lancha; basketball players Jamal Davis and Leonard Redmond, and even the team’s former head coach each get a chapter written in their respective voices. The novel reads like an anthology, with chapters switching points of view and occasionally jumping chronology along the book’s two-year span. 16: “Writing for the Dark Times” with Donna Snyder. Reading Art Book Club — The book club of the Las Cruces Museum of Art, 491 N. the second Wednesday of each month in the Museum of Nature and Science classroom next door. Bradburd had plenty of highs and lows to draw from his 14 years as an assistant coach, beginning in the 1980s under UTEP’s Don Haskins. Chávez’s short story, “Big Calzones,” has become a loved Christmas staple and is replayed yearly on Latino USA. Bradburd, who left coaching for writing and teaching (at NMSU), probably put much of himself into the main character.