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However, there was this Indian place close to the staff accommodation, and after a long day’s work we would always head there for a late-night feast.It was there I discovered the life-changing chapati experience.Occasionally, we would also swap our cha-parties for shawarma parties, which was never a bad choice. It kind of just felt like America (there were a lot of cultural similarities) with the attitude of the GCC, but had influences of a deeper culture despite being a relatively new country of about 60 years.And last but not least, sometimes on the way to work, whoever was driving me that day would sometimes stop for falafel, kebabs, or Arabic breads covered in za’atar. Coming from Japan, I was definitely used to a more reserved culture, and the directness of the Kuwaiti people took me by surprise for sure. While Kuwait is honestly a very modern country, they hold a lot of values regarding interactions between different genders that are still very confusing to me.

Growing up in the United States, most of what you’re told regarding the Middle East isn’t always positive, but I’d heard the food was fantastic and the people were warm and welcoming.Second, we drove to the new Roastery, and I thought I was going to die because the roads are so crazy and everyone drives like they left a pie in the oven and their house is on fire.Third, we had dinner at the local market, and after we were full off of the first round food, our host said that there were three more courses coming.During interrogations, the sponsor denied raising a lion in his house.A case has been registered and further investigations in this regard are ongoing.