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A slight shoulder movement that calls attention to her bust, that is all of a dare. God and the Devil are paired, and are treated no more reverently than Rockefeller and Ford. The primitive gods are not deities of too subtle inner reflection ; they are hard­working bodies who serve their devotees Just as laboriously as the suppliant serves them.A hippy undulation below the waist that is a sheaf of promises tied with conscious power. Both of these men are prominent in folklore, Ford being particularly strong, and they talk and act like good­natured stevedores or mill-hands. Gods of physical violence, stopping at nothing to serve their followers. When the other ten fell back trembling in the garden, Peter wielded the blade on the posse. The gods of no peoples have been philosophic until the people themselves have approached that state.It has often been stated by etymologists that the Negro has introduced no African words to the language. There are many, many Negroes who have never heard of any of the song heroes, but none who do not know John (Jack) and the rabbit. He got de fishes of de sea, and de fowls of de air completed. And de time it takes you to go and come, I'm going to call day and night." De Sun went zoomin' on cross de elements.This is true, but it is equally true that he has made over a great part of the tongue to his liking and has had his revision accepted by the ruling class. Examples of Folklore and the Modern Culture Hero Why de Porpoise's Tail is on Crosswise Now, I want to tell you 'bout de porpoise. Now, de porpoise was hanging round there and heard God what he tole de Sun, so he decided he'd take dat trip round de world hisself.It might naturally be expected that Vincennes, county seat of Knox county, the oldest settlement in the state, inhabited largely by French people who had held slaves before the Revolution and prior to the passage of the Ordinance of 1787, would be the center of slave-holding in Indiana during the territorial period and the early years of statehood.An examination of the Knox County, the first volume of probated wills, going back to the opening of the nineteenth century, reveals the following cases where negro slaves were disposed of by will.Examples of this are "ham-shanked," "battle-hammed," "double-teen," "bodaciously," "muffle-jawed." But the Negro's greatest contribution to the language is : (1) the use of metaphor and simile; (2) the use of the double descriptive; (3) the use of verbal nouns. Metaphor and Simile One at a time, like lawyers going to heaven. " So God run dat porpoise for three days before he run him down and caught him, and took his tail off and put it on crossways to slow him up. And dat's why de porpoise got his tail on crossways. Rockefeller and Henry Ford was woofing at each other. Each unit has a rhythm of its own, but when the whole is assembled it is lacking in symmetry.

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It is my desire that Elizabeth Mc Clure my third daughter have one Negro girl named Esther, and one Negro Boy Named Harry…. It is my desire that my youngest son John Mc Clure have my farm … and the use of all furniture therein—with the four lots of ground thereunto belonging, my two slaves Daniel and Peg, my two Indented Servants Morday and Sam….

Still later even coin is abandoned for legal tender, and still later for cheques in certain usages. No matter how joyful or how sad the case there is sufficient poise for drama. Some individuals even conceive of the equivalent of cheque words, like "ideation" and "pleonastic." Perhaps we might say that Paradise Lost and Sartor Resartus are written in cheque words. So we have "chop-axe," "sitting-chair," "cook-pot" and the like because the speaker has in his mind the picture of the object in use. A bit of Negro drama familiar to all is the frequent meeting of two opponents who threaten to do atrocious murder one upon the other. He is participating in the performance himself--carrying out the suggestions of the performer.

It is easier to illustrate than it is to explain because action came before speech. This finally evolves into coin, the coin being not real wealth but a symbol of wealth. There is an impromptu ceremony always ready for every hour of life. Now the people with highly developed languages have words for detached ideas. "That-which-we-squat-on" has become "chair." "Groan-causer" has evolved into "spear," and so on. Frequently the Negro, even with detached words in his vocabulary--not evolved in him but transplanted on his tongue by contact--must add action to it to make it do. So we can say the white man thinks in a written language and the Negro thinks in hieroglyphics. For example, the performer flexes one knee sharply, assumes a ferocious face mask, thrusts the upper part of the body forward with clenched fists, elbows taut as in hard running or grasping a thrusting blade. But the spectator himself adds the picture of ferocious assault, hears the drums and finds himself keeping time with the music and tensing himself for the struggle. That is the very reason the spectator is held so rapt.

It bears date of June 5, 1815, and was admitted to probate in April, 1816.

In it the following item occurs: I will and it is my desire that my wife have the services of one Negro Man named Gabriel and Anne his wife until the youngest child named Jepse Hilgore Duboiz arrives at the age of twenty years—and then in the opinion of my said wife (and the custom of the country permit) that the said People of Colour is able to make a Comfortable living they are to be free—if not they are to be assisted out of my property during their life time….