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Stadt Werkstatt Medien: Internationale h_da-Studierende entdecken Dieburg Internationale Studierende vom Mediencampus der Hochschule Darmstadt mchten die Stadt Dieburg kenne...

Erstes Promotionszentrum für Informatik an einer Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften eröffnet Im vergangenen Jahr fiel der Startschuss fr das Promotionsrecht der hessischen Hochschulen fr Ange...

Very often, despite our earnest prayer our problems only seem to get worse by the day.

Often we ponder whether God really answers our paryers.

If we are waiting for such acts, we will be sadly mistaken and disappointed.

Like the rabbi in the above story, we are his "miracle" workers among men.

Pence’s appearance will come two years after President Trump headlined the same event — accepting an invitation that was controversial at the time and caused several big-name Republicans to skip the lunch.

Now, the atmosphere is different, especially after Pennsylvania supported Trump in last year’s election.

" After many hours of anguished entreaty, a quiet voice answered the rabbi in the depths of his heart, "Of course I sent help; I sent you!Er ist einer der ltesten Alumni der Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da).Vor 70 Jahren war Heinrich Zahn unter den ersten Studenten, die an der Stdtischen Ingenieurschule Darmstadt, einer Vorlufereinrichtung der h_da, ihr Studium der Elektrotechnik aufnahmen.WASHINGTON — Vice President Pence will headline one of Pennsylvania s biggest annual political gatherings this December, giving a speech (and raising money) at the state GOP’s main event during the Pennsylvania Society weekend.Pence will speak at the Commonwealth Club Luncheon at the pre-holiday gathering, where elected officials, political insiders and lobbyists of all stripes gather in New York City for drinking, schmoozing, and maneuvering.