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Strategies addressing the underlying causes of violence can be effective in preventing violence.

The 26-year-old Kelley was court-martialed and convicted while in the Air Force for assaulting his wife and child, after which he was sentenced to a year in jail and a “bad conduct” discharge from the military, the , Kelley reportedly argued with and sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law, who attended First Baptist Church but was not present Sunday, just before the shooting.

In 42% of mass shootings, Everytown noted, the shooter displayed at least one “red flag” prior to the shooting, including “recent acts, attempted acts or threats of violence towards oneself or others; a violation of a protective order; or evidence of ongoing substance abuse.”“One of the things about mass violence and mass shootings is that they almost never occur spontaneously with no prior indication,” Spitzer told NPR.

But while such behavior can point to a person “having problems of one kind or another,” Spitzer said, previous violent actions — such as domestic violence — can also provide a “psychological training ground” for a larger attack, according to the .“Having a history of violence might help neutralize the natural barriers to committing violence,” Paul Gill, a senior lecturer at University College London researching the behavior of lone-actor terrorists, told the .

“Law enforcement doesn’t want to go out there and physically remove the guns, and if you don’t, then you’ve got an abuser with a gun, and that’s a really dangerous situation for the family members and for the public at large.”While limiting access to guns is crucial, curbing domestic violence and the mass violence it can lead to also demands society take domestic crimes seriously.“There’s a history of domestic abuse not being taken seriously,” Gandy said.

“Things have improved significantly since I started working in the field 40 years ago, but back then people referred to domestic abuse as a family matter, something that should be kept within the family, and it wasn’t talked much about publicly at all.