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“The Obama administration is under fresh scrutiny for its response to Russian meddling in the election after new details emerged this week about how the White House weighed its actions against the 2016 political environment.Then-President Obama was too cautious in the months leading up to the election, frustrated Democratic lawmakers and strategists say. I think they could have done a better job informing the American people of the extent of the attack,” said Rep.Ryan's attempt to lead from behind comes as some of his peers push for the creation of a 9/11-style Commission to launch what would be the fourth investigation into the Trump campaign.Even though the contradiction here is obvious - Dems are complaining that the party is too focused on Russia, while criticizing Obama for not releasing more scurrilous details about alleged interference -at least Ryan recognizes that the focus on Russia will hurt the Dems where it counts: In next year's midterms.What pure power means you will understand presently.

If Trump gets onboard even a little bit with Robert David Steele, Cynthia Mc Kinney, and Rand Paul to push for election reform, Trump will have have effectively cut the head off the 'resistance' and we can proceed to the climax of the #Pedo Gate drama, the vaunted Act 3 of this second American revolution. TRUMP Cf BA Controversial "homeless wall" goes up in “Liberal” California SAN JOSE, Calif.

Was he worried that the public would interpret the disclosure as transparent fearmongering intended to benefit the Clinton campaign – “One of the candidates, as you'll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way,” Johnson said.

“And so we were concerned that, by making the statement, we might in and of itself be challenging the integrity of the election process itself.” Trump had repeatedly claimed that the outcome of the election would be “rigged” against him, alleging widespread voter fraud and inaccurate polling.

Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee who co-chairs the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee." Meanwhile, Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan, who recently challenged Pelosi for leadership of the party, is leading a small group of Congressional Dems in criticizing Chuck Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership's irrational focus on the Russia investigations.

Ryan believes the focus on making the Dems appear out of touch to working Americans who care more about economic issues than the Trump witch hunt, as the Hill reports.