Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

It could also be used for things like: The Leech module is meant to facilitate the leeching of different types of information, and with the appropriate parser.

Currently there is the leech_news module which comes with a small PREG parser which is fairly fast, and an improvement over agg2 parsing of RSS/Atom.

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I'm new to database programming and I'm designing a GUI using eclipse window builder where an employee writes the ID of a student in a textbox and it shows all the information about that student (...

Let’s say I have a table that has a Column that shows the status of an item every time it moved from one location to another location. I doubt if the guys Sami Kuhmonen, a_horse_with_no_name, CL, who labelled my question as "duplicate" ever read my title and my tab!! my data is stored succesfully in the device using sqlite but now i want to send data to a server.

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Description / Purpose: This package provides a drop in replacement for the aggregator.module but provides an API to extend the feed parsing capabilities of Drupal.Best would be if Drupal had some API for "automatically generating new nodes", but it doesn't.Of course we could create nodes by defining most required data in PHP (inside module), but then there may be some module which requires some data attached to different types of nodes and things will get broken. Page needs updating Source: Description: Import or aggregate data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records.Status: Actively maintained Description: core module that parses / aggregates feeds as non-nodes.