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Mannerisms, exact accessories, hair, clothing, cars, neighborhoods, jewelry, hobbies, and lives, if she can. Dean Sheremet, Rimes moved around the corner from the Cibrians.

In the case of model Brandi Glanville, Le Ann copied her entire life. This was all while Rimes was seemingly living with her then husband, Sheremet, in Nashville.

The slang acronym for her obsessive behavior is SWF, taken from the cult film, “Single White Female”.

In the past, the public has watched Leann attempt to morph into Piper Parabo, Brandi Glanville, and now, actress Monica Potter.

The sunset beach wedding planned by Rimes eerily copied the wedding of Cibrian and Glanville. Rimes appeared at Glanville’s children’s first soccer game of 2015, dressed as…Glanville.

It was so confusing; Glanville fans did double takes when they saw the recent Daily Mail photos of Rimes with Glanville’s ex-husband and children.

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The reason why any woman would want to so publicly emulate another to such an extent is both perplexing and disturbing to the many who follow such things.

The internet has created small subgroups that check Rimes’ social media and press daily to ogle her latest SWF presentations.

A favorite of Rimes is posting or Tweeting an identical Tweet to that of Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

magazine, adding, "I think she’s still nursing a crush on him and hoping he’ll come crawling back to her.” The tabloid goes on the claim that Eddie's current wife Le Ann Rimes has fears he will cheat on her just like he did to his former spouse.

"Brandi's close friends have said that she and Eddie are talking more.