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Niecy has other projects going on as well, she might not be available for all episodes, so they need to bring in other hosts :)IS ANYONE GOING TO LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK BRUNETZ ON CLEAN HOUSE?

So one would think that I, of all people, would not be slavishly dragging around boxes of stuff I don’t need, use or love. ” (Typical Mark — he cuts right to the quick.) “OK, if you really want to know, it’s emotional laziness. “People often ask me if I have ever regretted giving something away,” he said. “It’s like a muscle that’s been dormant,” Brunetz said. Then you will create a home filled only with the items you need, use and love. And your stuff won’t build to the point where someday you die and leave your kids a job that requires an archeologist, a bulldozer and some smelling salts. (I display my grandmother’s rolling pin, along with other family lore.) “This is not about getting rid of everything,” he adds.

But there I was again, moving boxes vaguely marked “vases, books, business files” from one house to another, only to park them in the garage where they never get opened. “I know better.” “Everyone has these mystery boxes they move from one house to another and have no idea what’s inside,” he told me at the start of what turned into a 90- minute therapy session. I just bypass them because it’s faster to move boxes than sort through them.” “Bypass,” he said. Going through stuff detonates a chain reaction of memories. Deciding to go through stuff is a decision, said Brunetz.

In that same year, Brunetz received an Emmy Award for his work on 'Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country'.

At the creative helm of MB Universe, Inc., Brunetz oversees a handful of high profile design clients while creating branded content for corporate clients in the architecture and design sector.