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If truth be told, she had never been able to get on with Bella. Now she was faced with the reality of obeying them. "A chick like you can make a guy real horny," he said. "Look in the bag." Tricia stared at him for a moment, then at the bag which was lying at his feet.

The brash, sexy, dark-haired beauty was everything she wasn't. " He pushed her away, sending her staggering against the wall. "I'll be there at eight sharp," he said "Now get out." Tricia glanced at the clock on the wall of her small apartment. Her stomach churned as she thought of what might happen that evening. She stared at the door, momentarily unable to move. "That's good," said Tony "Because going about naked makes Cunt horny, don't it baby? "Go ahead." Tricia moved warily across, and bent down to pick up the bag, aware that this presented the men with a perfect view of her bare ass.

At twenty-four, he was older and more worldly wise than the girls, and Tricia had always been a little afraid of him. " Tricia gave a cry of pain as Tony pinched her nipple through her clothing. You mustn't." Tricia felt the tears well up in her eyes as she faced the pair. " "Looks like this video's gonna get sent out," said Bella. She ran a hand down between her legs, her fingers brushing against her love button, and a small shiver ran through her. Surely she wasn't turned on by what was about to happen? That was something that whores and sluts did, not nice girls like her. When your ass has had enough I'll thrash these pretty tits of yours. Then the rough hook at the base came into contact with her clitoris, and she gave a sudden cry.

She was more afraid now, though, as she watched her image on the screen accept a mouthful of hot semen from the professor. "From here on Bella and I own the rights to your body," he said. I'm still a virgin." "Not for long, you silly bitch." "You can't be serious" "We're deadly fucking serious you cock sucking slut! "Then this video gets distributed about the school. "Then tell us we're your master and mistress." "Look. "Imagine what Mummy and Daddy will think when they see how their little girl gets her grades." "Please! He turned her round to face him, still caressing her breast. Only a slut would find excitement in displaying her naked body to a virtual stranger. " "Fucking open up, bitch, or I'll bang on this door 'till all the other folk living here come out to see what's happening. What would the other girls think if they saw it whilst she was changing in the gym? Her love bud hardened instantly, and Pete let out a guffaw." "The dirty bitch has got a hard-on in her clit." He laughed.

In fact, Tricia had few friends, and didn't mix much with the other girls. From her pretty young face, with its almond-shaped green eyes, high cheekbones and small, kissable mouth, down to her elegant feet, she was simply lovely. Her breasts were pert and inviting, the size and shape of ripe oranges, the brown nipples standing proud. " "I-I think so." "And I'm not gonna give you open orders in company," he went on. " "You know you want to." Tricia's mind was racing. How could he ask her to take on the role of a woman who went about naked, with a shaved pussy? Then she moved across to the door and put her eye to the peephole. One had his head shaved, the other wore long, lank hair. She took hold of the handle, then cast a despairing glance back at Tony. Tricia took a last look to see that there was nobody else outside, then opened the door. " The two men stared in surprise at the naked youngster standing before them, her firm breasts jutting forward, her prominent sex open. "Fuck me that suits you," said the bald-headed man. It was smooth and white, about ten inches long, thick, with a rough rubber hook at the base. Turn it on." Tricia had never seen such a device before, let alone held one. She gave a tiny start as it came into contact with her clitoris.

Of her male classmates, there was just one, Steve Sutton, who interested her. Her belly was flat, her pubic triangle neatly trimmed. "The key words are,'you know you want to'" "I don't understand." "When I say those words, what I'm really saying is that's an order. Yet the idea sent an odd thrill through her pretty young body and, as he continued to masturbate her, a shiver of arousal ran through her. Tricia leaped back, away from her tormentor, clutching her hands to her private parts once again. She stood, her arms at her sides, her legs apart, her cheeks glowing as she confronted at the two men. She could feel the moisture that had leaked onto her sex lips as Tony had frigged her, and she knew the men could see it. The pair stepped in, and Tricia closed the door with some relief. She held it in her fingertips, as if it were too hot to handle, and turned it over slowly. She turned the device off and went to put it down on the table. "I know you're dying to use it." Tricia stared at him in disbelief. She wouldn't use a device like that even in the privacy of her bedroom. Her heart pounding, she reached down and picked up the vibrator. "Yeah, fuck yourself with it." Put in Hal Tricia held the item for a second, fighting down the panic that was rising inside her. She almost pulled it away, but her fear of Tony was too great.

What a fool she'd been to agree to the professor's suggestion. The trouble was, she knew her parents expected her to get straight A's, and that they would be scrutinizing her report card when she returned. "If you want to keep this video secret, you've gonna do exactly what Tony and I tell you to, understand? Moments later his hand was inside her bra, cupping her soft, warm breast. Yet there was an undeniable warmth in her groin and, despite her own disgust at the idea, she felt a trickle of moisture deep inside her vagina. Many of the other apartments in the block were rented to sorority girls, some of whom were in her year. Tricia slapped a hand over her pubis and wrapped an arm across her breast, looking anxiously behind him to make sure nobody was watching. It took her more than ten minutes to remove every trace of pubic hair. She continued to thrust her hips forward against his hand, aware that her clitoris was swollen now as it rubbed against his coarse flesh. As she did so, a wave of lust shook her young body. " Tricia's mind was a whirl of emotions as she thrust the vibrator back and forth inside her vagina.

She was a good girl, brought up in a small town, where girls just didn't do that sort of thing. She was a long way from the town of her birth, and had learnt that things went on in the world that were very different from the values she had been taught. The lovely young eighteen-year old girl on her knees before the professor was Tricia herself. " Bella grinned, flashing a perfect row of white teeth.

At his feet knelt a beautiful young girl, brown-haired, her pert young breasts pressing against the thin material of her T-shirt.

Her hands were about the professor's throbbing organ, which he was thrusting urgently between her pretty lips, grunting with obvious pleasure as he did so.

Once she had decided to go ahead and do it, it had been just a single, simple act, and she had done her best to forge about it afterwards. "Don't shrink away from me you stupid bitch," he said. He twisted his finger, bringing another gasp from the naked girl. But when he raised his hand to strike her, she swallowed and spoke. Even now she could feel a warm wetness seeping into her sex. Then she was over it, and the awful enormity of what she had done threatened to overwhelm her as she let the vibrator slip from her vagina and fall to the floor.

She had never dreamed that Bella would film the whole thing. "Remember, your body is mine now to do what I like with. She was a virgin, although she masturbated occasionally and she knew her hymen was no longer intact. Nice thick pussy lips, but a hole as tight as a hen's ass. In fact that's gonna be your new name." She looked at him quizzically. Despite her revulsion at what she was being forced to do, her body was betraying her by responding to the intimate caresses it was being subjected to. Now, for a start, when you're anyplace with me alone you must be completely naked. Almost overcome with shame she stood, arms at her side, her head hanging in disgrace as the laughing men applauded her.