Rsd dating skills review dating debbie foster

Focuses on his story of changing his game in the aftermath of the publication of "The Game" which put a negative media spin on Real Social Dynamics and his content.Jeffy: Story of his own evolution, and how despite his dating success he was caught in a self-destructive spiral where women all ended up hating him.

As the instructors narrate their own personal stories, in particular talking about the barriers they have had to overcome, it provides inspiration and tips on getting over your own 'barriers' to dating mastery.

Includes many pick-up stories aimed at dispelling myths of limitations.

Tyler Durden: Moving from routines to natural game and how he had to 'man up' and work on his inner game to become the real deal.

If you are interested in any of these instructors in particular it is a great product to learn more about them.

Some information is a little outdated, and overall the product is overpriced.