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is a horror themed interactive movie and adventure game developed by WARP and directed by Kenji Eno.It is the first entry in the D series and was first published by Panasonic for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1995, later being ported to the Sega Saturn, Play Station, and MS-DOS.Modern retrospectives find D less appealing, but still commend it for its place in history as a unique blend of cinema and gaming and an early example of mature horror game design.The player directs Laura's movements as she explores the game's environment, solves puzzles, and unravels the story.The story follows Laura Harris as she goes to investigate a hospital after learning her father went on a mass murdering spree and barricaded himself inside.

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On his way to the manufacturer, he switched the clean version with his master version containing the more disturbing content.

Angrily, the father reveals the sordid past of his family: Laura and her father are part of a bloodline of cannibalistic vampires, dating back to the infamous Dracula.

Driven by her vampiric urges, Laura had killed and eaten her mother years ago, but it was erased from her memory by her father. Harris demands Laura to leave one last time, he begins to transform into a vampire. Harris at this point, he will consume Laura's flesh and fully transform. Harris with a revolver that can be found earlier in the game, the bullet will kill him and stop his transformation.

Upon entering the hospital, she is so horrified at the murdered bodies lying about the halls that she covers her eyes.

When she uncovers them again, she finds herself in an unknown medieval castle.