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I was kind of a gaming freak, but only during my down time. Hell, she could probably buy ten PS3's without so much as blinking. If it was something that could get her hurt how would I live with myself after all.

I was actually hoping to get a PS3, but they were too expensive for my Mom at 9 for the 60Gig version. "So are you going to tell me why you're really here and why you're being so overly generous to me? She was about to take another bite of Lo-mien but she stopped and looked at me.

As we walked into the cool air conditioned building Denise asked. And don't feel shy about asking me for more than one thing.

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When my Mom married Jim I was eight years old, and Jim's daughter, Denise, was eleven.I mean the only time I saw her had been on a billboard or a commercial the last three years. The day she was coming, I woke early to start to look for a summer job before I began college the following spring. They didn't get home until well after dark that night. " I violently flipped her over onto her back and sat on her waist. I know I'm not super good looking, and I'm not hung like a horse, so why say no? He took a sperm sample and said it was probably a combination of two things. She's home a lot and I don't see how we are going to find the time." "Well I took care of that. "Well, when we were younger I noticed some of my pictures disappeared on a regular basis.I wasn't going to go to school during the Fall semester because frankly I'd spent the last 12 years running going to school and to me that earned a bit of a break. Anyway I was browsing through some retail positions when my Mom walked into the room all dressed up, jiggling her car keys. I figured they went shopping or to a movie and dinner or something. "You going to start giving me shit the second you get home? I got my first look at her then and my breath caught in my throat. "Come with me." She yanked me out of my chair and I had just enough time to grab my bag before we were trotting through the mall. "Everyone knows you're hot, what are you getting at? She moved around behind me and put her arms around me, placing her chin on my shoulder. Those sexy blue eyes, her full cock sucking lips, her large firm breasts, tight toned midsection, lush tight ass, and her long silky legs. The first being Lisa happened to be one of those girls who had a long fertile cycle and got pregnant more easily than others. I will do my best to fulfill any desire you may have so that you may put your life giving seed to me." I looked around quickly to see if anybody was watching us. " "You are going to put your penis in my vagina and move back and forth for a while then ejaculate your seed inside me." She explained. I bought Mom a one-week spa vacation and she leaves in three days." Denise said. I knew you jerked off to them and I didn't really mind since it meant that other people would probably like my pictures too." I blushed. " "Only once by accident, I was coming out of my room to take a showed and you'd left your door open a little so I could see it as I walked by." She said.Denise got her big break in the second semester of her senior year in high school. We dated throughout junior year and unfortunately I got her pregnant.She got picked up by a talent agent for Guess, and The Gap, and in no time she was packed up and living in L. She became successful too, my Mom would cry when Denise's commercials come on or one of her ads appeared in Cosmo. She aborted the baby saying she was way too young to have kids and I understood.