Shemar moore dating

Phaedra even refers to Shemar as “bae” and encourages her followers to watch his new show.on his social media pages, furthering fans’ suspicions that Phaedra is stretching the truth with her throwback photo.

The pair even went out in New York City together afterward.

I'm not, and I know that and I'm very comfortable with who I am and I love women. If you think I'm gay, send your girlfriend over to my house for the weekend and see what happens. “And when they want to give me a hug or take pictures with me, what, am I supposed to not put my arm around them or stand next to them, and if the man next to me in the picture is gay, that makes me gay?

https:// Fs Lgyu/ “I have fans that are gay, men that come up to me, and they're inspired by me, or they like me as an entertainer,” he explained.

Phaedra was even shut down to appear as a guest on Season 10.

On Thursday, Phaedra posted a throwback photo with together last December.