Single lawyers dating site 3d web sex chat

LOL) JMO I'm sure there are some doctors and lawyers on this site as well as a slew of other dating websites.

They are just ordinary people outside of the profession searching for love, laughter and fun like everyone else. She is single, nice looking and doesnt have time to get out much.

As long as you maintain a high degree of professionalism there should be no problem, but with that said, be very, very selective in your dating choices.

Being picky may save you a world of professional headaches/drama later.

They were likely online on this or other sites years ago, and now may just feel it is beneath them or their new-found "status".

Ask them if they volunteer anywhere like SPCA as you do, M, and where they met their wives/girlfriends..

There are doctors, lawyers and policemen on this site and i have been exchanging e-mails with few. Although I think this site is starting to get some kind of bad reputation as a hook up site from what I have been hearing so far.Having law enforcement background, I know a number of friends and aquaintances who use these sites. They are allowed to have fun as well, just as long as they conduct themselves in a mature way.Many of my facebook friends are affiliated with the PD, and the higher up's do check out their profiles/pictures and have been told not to post pic's of yourself in uniform, as the city patch is there, and you dont want to draw negative attention to your personal life (ie...a criminal who could see personal info/family)I certainly hope they'd say the same thing if you were on "Facebook."The public nature of online "profiles" does open one up.Personally, I do not use POF for dating, but I have/do use “match”.I find that in my age group on a free site like POF, there seems to be a larger amount of injured and angry people.