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Recent developments, however, suggest that bankruptcy courts are casting a more critical eye on exclusivity extension motions, even short of the new time limitation, particularly in cases where progress toward a negotiated exit plan is less than satisfactory.Chapter 11 Exclusivity Upon the commencement of a chapter 11 case, Bankruptcy Code section 1121 gives a debtor-in-possession (“DIP”) the exclusive right to file a plan of reorganization for 120 days.A debtor’s exclusive right to formulate and solicit acceptances for a plan of reorganization during the initial stages of a chapter 11 case is one of the most important benefits conferred under the Bankruptcy Code as a means of facilitating the successful restructuring of an ailing enterprise.By giving a chapter 11 debtor-in-possession time to devise a solution to balance sheet and operational problems without being burdened by the competing agendas of other stakeholders in the bankruptcy case, exclusivity levels the playing field, at least temporarily.We have encouraged many of our friends to attend the Lock and Key Events and one of our best friends is still dating a woman he met at the Oxygen Lounge last Fall.It's a great way to meet singles in a fun, comfortable environment.We host our mixers at pubs, restaurants, sporting events, pool halls, public parks, wherever our members will feel comfortable and casual in order to advance conversation.

No competing plans may be filed during this period of exclusivity.

Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.

For questions about the Event email Heidi, your Columbus Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 614-653-7053.

This group is as close as you will get to the wonderful and laid-back times from your high school or college days when everyone in the room was “Single, Social and Fun” - without all the drama!

Singles Mingles of Central Ohio is Columbus, Ohio’s most exclusive singles Meetup group. Our members pay a membership fee to join, and in return they can relax and feel that the Organizer is taking extra steps for their safety and comfort. You may want to know that our group ranges in age from the 20's, a few, on into the 70’s, a few, with the bulk falling in the mid 30's to early 60’s. It is more about making friends and improving our social life by getting off of the sofa and getting out to meet people.