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24 CPT tests have been carried out very close to a series of archaeological trenches.

The analysis shows penetrometers are able to define some stratigraphic markers within the loess layer.

A two scale study has been realized in the Hesbaye region (Belgium).

The study on a regional scale was performed along a 18 km long section of the high-speed railway Liège-Brussels. Results show the loess thickness is very variable and can locally reach 20 m.

The dipping likely results from the Ardenne Massif uplift.

The local scale study focuses on the site of Remicourt located along the high-speed railway.

The lower surface of the Tertiary deposits is characterized by a 0.3% apparent dipping to the NW.Loess is an aeolian deposit characterized by a very well sorted grain size distribution predominantly ranging between 10-50 µm (corresponding to coarse silt from ASTM D2487-06).In its detailed definition of loess, Pécsi (1990, 1995) added that the weight percentage of the silt fraction corresponds to 40-70%.Furthermore, the 3D morphology of each stratigraphic marker can be estimated.These results offer interesting perspectives for the investigation of the loess sequence related to archaeological applications.