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Our guide Elena pointed out works by local creators, which you can spot on walls all throughout the city. Urban Adventures always incorporates local flavors into their tours.At the start, Elena handed us each a “covrig,” or Romanian pretzel to try. ” Looks like the drooling Rick Sanchez made a stop in Bucharest, between his space-flights to alien galaxies.This event invited travel influencers / bloggers / writers from around the globe, to discover the best of this Eastern European nation.During the three-day event, the volunteers organized optional activities — including small-group walking tours led by Urban Adventures.Photographer Joey Wong and I signed up for the “Alternative Tour of Bucharest,” a three-hour walk that let us discover street art, emerging artists, and abandoned buildings in this beautiful city.Our guide took us to historical gems like the Grad Na Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre.

The “dripping blood of the pierced potato” remains there today… Bucharest’s architecture is full of enticing Gothic elements.

Someone gave this creature an orange eyeshadow makeover. Such a great way to see Bucharest’s hip, underground culture — and with a group of fellow travel bloggers / journalists / vloggers.

Very grateful to Experience Bucharest for organizing this influencers press trip, which included three days of food, parties, tours and networking activities.

Elena took us to Revolution Square, framed by a statue of King Carol I riding a horse. It’s actually the Memorial of Rebirth: erected in 2005 to commemorate the people’s sufferings during the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

She pointed out bullet holes and fire damage on buildings, caused during the Revolution of 1989 that overthrew the Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. Many complained that the pillar was too abstract to convey the meaning of the memorial.