Sudarium of oviedo carbon dating

Fred Baltz, presented by TBD am to am The Role of Epistemology in Approaching Truth in the Shroud of Turin, 45 min.Cheryl White am to am Break (15 minutes) am to am Physical Cause of Jesus' Death, 40 min.

Giulio Fanti pm to pm Hypothesis of face-cloth wrapping of the Turin Shroud Man: experimental and numerical results, 5 min.

Jack Markwardt pm to pm Avignon and the Shroud of Turin: Authenticity Confirmed, 30 min.

Jack Markwardt pm to pm Panel discussion regarding the day’s presentations, 45 min.

The "International Conference on the Shroud of Turin" (ICST-2017) was held July 19 to 22 (Wednesday evening and all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the large TRAC center in Pasco, Washington state, USA.

25 top Shroud researchers from Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Australia, and the US made presentations at the conference, and three other researchers sent papers to be read by others.

Sudarium of oviedo carbon dating