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The Law recently passed in Russia banning the progaganda among minors of non-traditional sexual relations has evoked hysterical responses from liberal media.

A boycott of the Winter 2014 Olympics has even been discussed.

Russia is taking a stand, and the rest of the world should follow. * * * Why are the gays wanting to tell the parents of Russia how they should raise their children? In the US, well, parents have given up protecting their children long ago. People in the US are just crazy; well, soon they will allow people having sex with their own dog! Nothing wrong because that is human right about sexual orientation!!! But then again, let's face it, homosexuality would die out in one generation were it not for those precious young recruits!

* * * Mike, who is most responsible for the spread of HIV in the USA? More meddling by the global corporatist banking elements to undermine any administration brazen enough to stand up to them!! * * * Why is a law banning the propaganda of sexual ideology to minors bad? Gays should mind their own business and stop pushing their immorality on others. * * * Homosexuals harassing non-homosexuals, not the other way around; like Hitler complaining that the Jews were bullies.

Same with USA--if you don't like USA laws don't go there …

* * * All this commotion is just a ruse by folks like George Soros to try to stir up trouble in Russia, and to undermine the Putin administration for not letting the global banks come into Russia and rape the economy like what they've done here in the U. Why do adults want access to other peoples children to introduce their ideas? Gays should confine their child raising to their own children that they produced. * * * Gays are sick * * * The rainbow colors are the colors of God's promise to Noah and all of us.

* * * Keep the homosex agenda away from kids * * * Keep #$%$ madness away from kids * * * What about the Muslims and their treatment of women and Christians? But the Homosexuals have perverted it's purity and beauty.

* * * I have been telling these gays that there's no difference between child molesters like Sandusky and gays. Russia has it right, the gays only want their dirty grasps on young and innocent children.

They want a future population of gays and they only way to do that is to corrupt the innocent minds of children. S has already failed at giving the gays the right to teach gay behaviors in public schools and the Boy Scouts of America has become a breeding ground for gays.