Updating malwarebytes

it means it's not up to date whether the software or database version.You need to update to keep most up to date protection it does offer a trial upgrade to the paid version, which expires after two weeks and reverts to the free version.If you decide to purchase the Premium version, then you will be provided a license that will activate the product and enable the Premium features.If after 14 days, you don't want the Premium version there is nothing you need to do as Malwarebytes 3.x reverts to manual stand-alone scanner that detects and removes malware when you run a scan.Older non-expiring licenses are grandfathered into the new versions, or if you are on the newer subscriptions they will of course work.

You probably ran into the first problem, in that the automatic update didn’t work. First, you can visit and click the link to download the free trial version.

Protection window to turn on the Scan for Rootkits option.

While there you should also scroll down and turn on the Enable self-protection module early start switch as well.

There is no difference between the Free, Trial and Premium download files. If you are installing for the first time during the install, it will ask if you want a 14-day trial mode.

After the trial you can choose to continue using Free or upgrade to paid Premium.