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The lack of field damage is a bit disappointing since we’ve seen it in previous generation games, but overall the game does look much better in comparison to last season, especially in HD.

Some of the most hyped additions to the game have been the inclusion of cheerleaders, celebrations with mascots after touchdowns, and the ability to play as the mascots in the game.

However, after playing tons of games I am convinced EA did a good job limiting this new animation.

First off you’ll only be able to run this near the end zone, so if you’ve got 4th and 1 at midfield you are not going to get a gimme jump over the pile to pick up that yard, so it’s not something defenders will have to be worried about at midfield. I’ve made some jumps where I timed it wrong and didn’t end up going far enough to get into the end zone.

Unfortunately sometimes bad has to accompany the good, which is the case with the lofting of the ball.

Having the ability to lob the ball up also means you have more time to switch to the receiver to be able to go get the ball.

You’ll now be able to put a little more air under the ball so you can have more success if your WR or TE has a man beat down field.

Players will be able to use their big 6’5” receivers to go up and get the ball over their smaller defensive backs.

I’ve found some plays to be nearly unstoppable when lofting the ball up against the AI, and online you are able to stop them, but if you’re playing against a team with very high rated receivers it will be quite the task for you.

In cases against the AI this is a fantastic change as in past years I always struggled to throw deep against the AI.

Online or head to head against human opponents this might create even more of an edge for the offense.