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MPEG2 FTA feeds are numerous and more and more are being added every day.

The economics of compression, allowing more than one service on each frequency dictate that we will see more.

You will never see Time Warner cable programming, i.e. S, CNN, and other international news channels, are available to viewers around the world in free to air mode, but not to the U. These include Saudi TV, Abu Dhabi, Thai TV, Kuwait TV, Syria TV, Taiwan, Iran, and as we go to press, Bloomberg TV all on Telstar 5, ku, which can be received on a .7 meter dish.

The list changes now and then but these and more can be seen today.

I know that I can receive this bouquet because column five indicates that the signal is MPEG-2 and no scrambling system is noted.Fortunately, all receivers come with the ability to delete programming.Taylor Enterprises is now able to program their receivers with most of the stations viewable in North America making them "plug and play".They too have chosen compressed digital transmissions largely due to cost. Transponder time has become so expensive that with the exception of the preachers, the Indecency channels, and the home shopping networks, it doesn't make sense to place only one channel on one frequency.With HBO, and Discovery Networks planning 25 channels each, it would take over two C-Band birds to air their material the old fashioned analog way. FTA or "Free To Air" simply means that the signal is not encrypted. Occasionally programmers may turn the scrambler machine off and you can see a channel or two with an MPEG-2fta receiver. there are a number of channels that are available via MPEG-2 FTA receivers that have indicated that they plan to remain in the clear or are believed to intending to stay clear.

Updating technomate software